It's not easy to visually ID jewelry on a checkout sheet. Reading an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) from the tiny price tag is tedious, error-prone and likely skipped. Scanning a barcode is about the only viable, accurate solution.

But, scanning a barcode is too slow.

RFID can help in two ways:

  1. 100% accurate count at Open and End of Day in minutes
  2. Theft Deterrence / Monitoring

The time savings on jewelry counts are enormous. And, just as in our eyewear RFID inventory system (AIMS):

"If you don't know your numbers, you can't run your business." - Dr. Schunk

Wave RFID Handheld Jewelry

RFID Jewelry Solution

Step 1: SimplyRFiD Wave Jewelry Inventory App

Wave is built for fast, beautiful inventory taking using RFID.

Once you've tagged your jewelry with an RFID price sticker, you can instantly inventory everything. Several times a day, if you'd like.

Time Savings for RFID

With RFID, you'll be able to open/close a typical jewelry store accurately and confidently in 3-5 minutes. For larger stores, you can use two or more Wave RFID handhelds to keep things moving.

Take a look at our ROI calculator and play some what-if's by making a copy of your own.

Open Calculator:RFID in Jewelry Retail ROI Calculator_

Step 2: Theft Control

RFID can also monitor inventory in real-time.

By placing antennas under your display case, you can see when items are removed from the display or returned, helping you narrow losses.

How durable is the Jewelry RFID Tag?

We tried taking one off... It's no joke.


How to inventory jewelry

RFID Jewelry Tags:

You may want a branded tag to match your stores' look and feel. A simple retail tag like our TH series RFID tag with a silk string works well and is low cost. Use a quality silk string, and it imbues a luxurious experience. Alternatively, reusable RFID tags are great in jewelry and make your brand stand out.

There are also jewelry specific tags that are about the size of the typical jewelry labels used today. These are great, but using small RFID tags for jewelry offers poor performance in theft control and questionable performance when performing daily inventories.

We've been around the block and know what works efficiently, but please try several and see what works best in your environment. We make starter kits so you can check everything out for your needs.


  1. Place the RFID tag on the item.
  2. Associate the tag number to the item with the Wave QT (QuickTag) feature.

RFID tags are all unique. Our Pogi server will track your items, and you can run an audit of found/missing items.

Auditing and Inventory Count / Turnover

Audits are the best things about our Wave handheld. Wave can store item pictures and more than 1,000,000 items for your auditing pleasure.

The easiest way to audit:

  1. Create a location called 'Day Open'
  2. Scan the pieces you will place on display. With RFID, it only takes a few seconds to scan 20 to 50 pieces.
  3. For closing, open the 'Day Open' location and scan again.

A list of missing items is displayed. You can also have a picture of the items, if it helps, and synchronize by SKU to your master store list.

Inventory Turnover

The final point of using RFID on your Jewelry: Turnover.

More choices. More size. We look at how to use RFID to increase profits and manage inventory.

Start Tracking Now!

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily from just $1,990!

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