Getting Started

  1. Using the Quick Tag Function
  2. Setting up your POGI software
  3. Why would I use RFID for my retail store instead of barcode?
  4. Do I have to buy all of the tags I need from SimplyRFiD?
  5. How do I find my item?
  6. I commissioned all the new items to the wrong location!
  7. How to utilize Marker Tags?
  8. Quick Start Guide Part 3: Inventory Management System
  9. RFID Printer Calibration Guide
  10. Quick Start Guide Part 2: Building an RFID Inventory System
  11. Ordering Handhelds outside of the US: United Kingdom
  12. Quick Start Guide Part 1: Components
  13. Wave App Settings: Utilities and User Guide
  14. Wave App Settings: Server
  15. Wave App Settings: Handheld Information
  16. How can I set a staff's access level in our inventory?
  17. I have so many users and locations, it's getting confusing!
  18. How do I create and set location for my staff?
  19. Is there a bulk update feature in POGI?
  20. How do I use the search and filter function in POGI?
  21. How do I export my inventory from Wave?
  22. How do I import my inventory items into WAVE?
  23. Can I use my existing RFID tags with Wave?
  24. Why do I get kicked out of POGI every time I use WAVE app?
  25. How do I recover my POGI password?
  26. How do I connect my Wave App to my POGI web app?
  27. How far can I scan the items while taking inventory?
  28. How Do I Connect my WAVE App to CS108 Handheld device?
  29. What are the best practices for tagging items?
  30. How do I locate an item with WAVE?
  31. How do I count inventory with Wave?
  32. How Do I Add New Items to WAVE App?
  33. How Do I Download the WAVE app?
  34. What is the battery life of the Wave Handheld RFID Scanner?
  35. How long is ground shipping from SimplyRFiD to my location?
  36. Getting Started with Wave
  37. Where do I put pallet RFID tags on my shipments?
  38. What is RFID?