The TH tag is a standard apparel price tag. These are typically printed with a product SKU, model, size, color information. The TH tags are from Avery Dennison and are the lowest-cost tag available for use in apparel. In large volumes, these are less than 10 cents.

Will this tag work on metal and non-metal parts?

Yes. But, only as a hang tag. This is not a sticker tag and requires an attachment link to a garment or a string loop for other items.

How do I attach the tag?

For garments, a standard garment gun. Otherwise, a string loop or even a small zip tie can be used.

How do I order these?

You can send a list with a NAME, SKU, Model, Size, Color. We can pre-print the tags and encode them. We will send you a manifest for loading into our Pogi Server -- or, preload for you.

What RFID Readers work with these tags?

All EPC Gen 2 Readers will work. For a great asset-tracking handheld, look at our Wave handheld to get started.

Best For:

  • Apparel
  • Jewelry


76.0mm x 25.4mm x 0.2mm

Range in Meters (4W EIRP*):

On-Metal - 0 meters (0 feet)
Off-Metal - 8 meters (26 feet)


Price includes programming, serialization, rolls, anti-static bags, silica, and packaging. Most orders shipped same business day. Blank roll price significantly lower.