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Need the impossible? That's what we do. We focus on top-quality product engineering and manufacturing that is impossibly fast, impossibly economical, and impossibly simple.

We simply make the impossible possible

  • In 2007, we perfected the DoD RFID tagging system by turning their 100+ page compliance document into a 1 page guide. Now we help more than 3,000 DoD suppliers comply with RFID supply chain tracking for less than $1.
  • We combine the best hardware and software engineers to make your products fast. Then, we manufacture with worldwide partners using proven manufacturers to make you even more profits. Our daily worldwide shipments of air freight means we can do custom parts in a couple days vs. a couple months.
  • When speed counts, our USA assembly facility is UL certified so your final assemblies have consistent quality control and still available same day. We produce hundreds of RF tracking cabinets for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and medical parts monthly.

Our Expertise

We have the knowledge and experience.
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Medical Tracking

We make the smartest RFID refrigerators, smart cabinets, and hospital critical inventory managers that increase response speed for patients and profit at the same time.
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Department of Defense

3,000 DoD suppliers rely on us for same-day shipments of RFID supply chain tags. From a single tag for $1 to full RFID enabled conveyor systems, we are the #1 supplier to the US military industrial base.
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Custom Development

We’ll take your idea and make it a reality. From specifications to prototype to full manufacturing, all at a great price.
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We enjoy what we do and in return customers enjoy us.
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