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Barcode For Mobile Inventory

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Wave allows users to perform audits and inventories. Wave can take multiple inventories offline and sync, or inventory and audit in real-time. Multiple Wave handhelds can connect and share data to a Pogi server.

Wave also makes it easy to associate tag items using QT (Quick Tag). A search capability helps narrow down where an items is located.

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RFID Mobile Inventory App



  • SimplyRFID WAVE Software
  • CSL CS108 RFID Reader
  • Apple iPod
  • Charger for iPod and Reader
  • One year Warranty and Support
  • One year Pogi Online Data Storage
  • Pogi Online Monthly Subscription (after first year) $30/Month

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Color: Space Gray
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RFID Mobile Inventory App



Total: $ 1995

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