How it works

Place RFID tag on item

Place RFID tag on item
Pick the right tag for your item type. From On-metal to flag tags.

Commission RFID tag to the item

Commission RFID tag to the item
This RFID tag is a pair of blue jeans or use an RFID printer

Squeeze Trigger

Squeeze Trigger
Wave reads hundreds of RFID tags every second


Have worked closely with simply rfid team. innovative, resourceful and available - all requisite qualities we need from a partner who has taken us from concept to ongoing production on multiple solutions.
Chris Cox, AmerisourceBergen
This is a great group of people to work with, they are on point, and always deliver as promised. My office has been working on a project for the last year and we have never been disappointed with SimplyRFID.
Kendall Robinson, Frame Source Direct
The entire team at Simply RFID top to bottom is extremely responsive and helpful. They’ve built a very easy to use and implement solution that every product based business can benefit from.
Akash Bajaj, Advance Apparels
Wave Handheld Reader App


Locations1. Locations

Mark your inventory by location. These can be rooms (storage, IT closet) or buildings (Headquarters, Cell Tower 115).

You pick how you want to organize. All your data is searchable from anywhere, but when you are auditing an area, it's nice to say, "OK, I'm missing these items." Wave will tell you what you still need to find in that location. Wave will also update the Last Seen time to see how long an item has been missing.

Pictures2. PICTURES

Make your inventory beautiful. You can set a picture for any item, and it displays in your list as you're inventorying items.

Pictures are great for finding unique items (art, custom dies, and tools, people for mustering) or showing an odd-looking server, office items, and other parts by a visual indicator.

You can also use Templates to share an image across similar items.

Missing Items3. MISSING ITEMS

The Pogi Data Server allows you to run queries like "What items were missed for the last two cycle counts" and find items that may have gone permanently missing. Audit reports show the results of each Audit over time so you can track down lost items and ensure audit processes are followed.

Tracking Fields4. TRACKING FIELDS

Wave supports an Asset ID field. This field can link your Wave inventory with your traditional ERP or Fixed Asset system for updating item counts.

Wave can also track:

  • A picture of each item
  • Name
  • Long description (or, a service history)
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Part Number
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Last Seen / Last inventoried date
  • Location
  • Calibration Due / Last Calibration
  • And More -- including Data Lookups, Drop Down select lists, and auto-population based on SGTIN and unique lookups.


Wave stores the GPS location of each item it locates. Outdoors this is within about 1 meter (3 feet) accuracy. Indoors this varies, but it's usually surprisingly accurate unless you are underground.

You can export all your data and display it visually in Google Maps by Latitude/Longitude. Share it with your company, and every asset available by 'date last seen' is visible to your team on their mobile devices.

Item GPS location is fantastic for someone trying to do a presentation and needing a whiteboard, or outdoor industries doing tree mapping and trash can collections.


OS: iOS 13+ capable Apple device.
Devices: iPods work well, but for the most fun use an iPhone 13 Pro Max.
RFID: CS108-2 Handheld Required.
Server: SimplyRFID Pogi Server
RFID Tags: Your choice of RAIN RFID tags



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