The SimplyRFiD TR800 is designed for most retail applications with ticket tag size printable areas. Add it to existing ticket tags. Performance on these latest-generation RFID Tags about 10-15' read range with a handheld.



Price includes programming, serialization, rolls, anti-static bags, silica, and packaging. Most orders shipped same business day. Blank roll price significantly lower.

Will this tag work on metal and non-metal parts?

No. This is designed for use on paper and plastic surfaces.

How do I attach the tag?

It's a sticker tag -- simply peel - and - stick.

What RFID Readers work with these tags?

Any RAIN RFID reader will work. For an experience you'll love, look at our Wave handheld RFID inventory system to get started with RFID.



Roll Size: tbd

Rolls per Box: tbd

Best For:

  • Apparel
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic


44.0mm x 19mm x 0.0mm

Range in Meters (4W EIRP*):

On-Metal - (0 Feet)
Off-Metal - 3 meters (10 feet)