Realistically, inventory was never right and we continued to order frames manually. AIMs finally gave us a solution that integrates with our practice management software. The ability [for AIMS] to drop-ship orders with frames and lenses from Morel, and several other vendors, speeds up the accuracy and order speed — and we can keep the most popular frames on the board.

“This is the future,” added Brinsley.


Landa Eye Center

How AIMS Works

Tag up your frames with RFID 1) Tag your frames with RFID Scan the UPC on your frame bag and place the RFID tag on your frames. AIMS knows about more than 100,000 frame UPCs from 17 major manufacturers.
Take inventory with AIMS 2) Scan inventory with AIMS A typical store with 1,000 frames can be inventoried in 2-3 minutes.
Place orders and dropships in AIMS 3) Place orders and drop-shipments in AIMS Order directly from manufacturers or drop ship frames from labs directly to patients for a complete frame-and-lense order!
Place the frames back on your board 4) Place the frames back on your board The best-seller is always in-stock! Now focus on selling 2nd pairs, sunglasses, and always know your frames with AIMS!
No games with frames when you have AIMS!
CrystalPM SimplyRFID Add Ons Works standalone or can sync to Crystal PM for integrated point of sale and prescription tracking
Optify SimplyRFID Add Ons Pushes your frame data to Google and can sync to Optify Online so your patients can pre-shop

How AIMS helps you grow your business

Sell more trending frames
Sell more trending frames AIMS analyzes the best-sellers so you can keep them in-stock, preventing up to 35% of your sales opportunities from walking out the door.
Sell more trending frames
Normalize cash flow Only pay for the frames you sell. No more surprise deliveries of 100 frames and $10,000 vendor bills.
Decreased order processing time
Decrease order processing time AIMS Virtual Frame Buyer's Assistant™ one-click, re-stock, and drop-shipping features organize frame reordering by communicating directly with labs and vendors so opticians spend less time processing frame orders and more time on the sales floor!
How AIMS help you grow your business
Reduced Loss
Reduce Loss Daily inventory visibility identifies losses before they grow.
Drive more traffic to your store
Drive more traffic to your store AIMS places your inventory on Google so your store shows up with fresh inventory on search pages.
AIMS has all the frames
AIMS has all the frames AIMS isn’t limited to a select group of frames, vendors, or labs. AIMS works with every frame to offer your patients the best selection.

How the RFID in AIMS helps your practice

RFID does a complete, accurate store inventory in 2-3 minutes.

Daily inventory finds things before they are lost forever Front-door / back-door - when items go missing, you’ll have a report / daily email of what is lost so you can take action.

Increases sales Google loves fresh inventory data, and AIMS pushes your latest-inventory to Google! So, when someone looks for an ‘Oakley near me’ – your store will pop up in their search.

Reduce inventory times to 2-3 minutes “I love taking inventory” – has never been said. Besides that, most manual inventory counts are off by 20-30%! Why bother? For taxes, that’s why; but, now inventory is easy and 99% accurate. With the correct inventory, you can control losses and ensure the best frames are in-stock.

Features & Benefits

Fast Accurate Inventory with RFID Detect losses early. Ensuring the best frames are in-stock. Easily report your vendor consigned inventory.
Ordering integrated with Vendors One-click, same-day reorders from more than 15 gold-star vendors.
Reporting Daily inventory differentials and accurate inventory counts for fulfillment, ERP integration, and decision making.
Feature Benefits AIMS
Synchronization Sync your inventory automatically with Optify and Crystal PM.
Speed AIMS scans between 500 and 1,000 frames per minute. Most stores take 2-3 minutes to inventory.
Pictures More than 100,000 UPCs are loaded into AIMS and display pictures for your frames.
Locate AIMS lets you locate any frame by name and begins beeping (Geiger counter) as you get close.

More than 500 Brands available in AIMS

AIMS Partners

Tech Requirements


  • Battery life with AIMS running on iPhone SE (2022): 8 hours continuous
  • CS108-2 RFID/2D: 2 hours of continuous scanning use, 24+ hours standby.


  • Device: iPhone SE 2022 (with iOS 16+) or better
  • Handheld: CSL CS108-2 RFID/2D Barcode FCC
  • Printer: Zebra ZD-421 with iOS support and T/T
  • Server: SimplyRFiD AIMS Server Account
  • App: SimplyRFiD AIMS App
  • Certified frame RFID tags

AIMS scans about 1,300 items per second, but due to the limitation of how fast humans can move, we find the average consistent throughput from 500-1,000 items per minute at typical retail stores.

No games with frames when you have AIMS

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your inventory. Our AIMS Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of items easily.

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