JT (Jewelry RFID Loop)

JT (Jewelry RFID Loop)

The Jewelry tag loops around the jewelry and locks in place. You can pre-print information and pre-encode the RFID Tag or use them pre-programmed and place a regular label over the tag.



Price includes programming, serialization, rolls, anti-static bags, silica, and packaging. Most orders shipped same business day. Blank roll price significantly lower.

Will this tag work on metal and non-metal parts?

Yes. But, only as a hang/flag tag. If placing this on-metal, be sure the tag won't rest directly on the metal. It needs to stick off the side of metal items.

How do I attach the tag?

Peel the tag, loop the end, close the top and the tag is secure. The loop doesn't contain adhesive so it won't gum-up the jewelry.

What RFID Readers work with these tags?

All RAIN EPC Gen 2 Readers will work. For a great asset-tracking handheld, look at our Wave handheld to get started.

Best For:

  • Apparel
  • Jewelry


30.0mm x 14.0mm x 0.2mm tag and 40mm stick (before fold)

Range in Meters (4W EIRP*):

On-Metal - 1.5 meters (5 feet)
Off-Metal - 1.5 meters (5 feet)

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