Dominate Inventory Accuracy

SimplyRFiD Wave Retail:
Turn-key RFID Inventory



Reads SGTIN, RAIN CIN, Rogue, or any format and synchronizes inventory counts, expirations, and pull lists automatically.

SKU Lookup

Beyond SGTIN which only has a ‘SKU’ – Wave can embed mfg codes, expirations, rotations, and color codes. Want to find all blue stuff? Wave has the meta data to go beyond GS1 UPC’s.


Live search for items (Geiger counter). Sure, it’s limited to what RFID can do but it’ll find a needle in a haystack.

Work Orders

Teamwork queues allow you to parcel out scanning a large store to dozens of handhelds. Management queue show progress, % complete and missing. Daily, Weekly schedules can auto-run with reporting.

Consolidation Review Reports

Nothing looks more beautiful than a report on an iPad. That retina display may show you’re out of stock, but it’ll look great!

SimplyRFID "InStock" Web Store

Our in-stock software can instantly publish fresh results to Google for you daily. Your store is localized by Google instantly when shoppers are nearby.

How it works

Place RFID tag on item

Place RFID tag on item
Pick the right tag for your item type. From On-metal to flag tags.

Commission RFID tag to the item

Commission RFID tag to the item
This RFID tag is a pair of blue jeans or use an RFID printer

Squeeze Trigger

Squeeze Trigger
Wave reads hundreds of RFID tags every second

Additional options include: RFiD ticket tags for $0.04-$0.05 each, and Industrial RFiD printers for $1,600.

Start Tracking Now!

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily from just $1,795!

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Dominate Inventory Accuracy with RFiD
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RFID in the Wine Cellar: A perfect pairing

Locating a bottle of wine in a thousand is often frustrating. Dark rooms, thousands of bottles. RFID makes an inventory easy, and a locator narrows your search.

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While Jewelry items may be hand counted and sizing isn't the same factor as normal retail, the intrinsic value makes end of day even more important.

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Dominate Inventory Accuracy with RFID

RFID reduces inventory time by 95% and increases accuracy to 98%. RFID is used by every top retailer to dominate inventory accuracy and increase sales.

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