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Why would I use RFID for my retail store instead of barcode?



We have been using barcodes for a long time now.
Our inventory has always been the same, and it's been working.
Can RFID be better than barcodes?

Is RFID a game-changer? Would the investment, time, and money, be reasonable enough to switch to a different system entirely? These are some questions that arise whenever a discussion about RFID is brought up. We'll answer these questions below.


This has always come up in conversation with people who have piqued their interest in the RFID system. Whether they know how the technology works or are a complete newbie, this always has been a point of comparison.

Let us clarify things. First, barcodes and RFID have different purposes. More often than not, they are used side-by-side to have effective inventory management. We have several clients using the SGTIN encoding system to utilize UPC barcodes. Other huge retailers have been using UPC barcodes in their RFID tags to use the barcode system in their inventory.

Second, RFID technology is mainly used for tracking and counting --- as this is where it's good at. You can stand in one place, pull the trigger in your handheld reader, and instantly get an inventory with near-perfect accuracy. While barcodes, for that matter, stores information coming from a series of alphanumeric numbers and bars. Mainly, barcode information carries what you need for your Point of Sales systems. As you can see, they have different uses and are much more powerful when used alongside each other rather than just one of them.

Lastly, there are software out there such as our Wave Retail and Pogi Web User Interface which were created to make your inventory count easier, faster, and a lot more accurate. Then, if you have a separate PoS system, you can integrate with the use of our APIs. Several of our current clients integrate this into their system to make inventory management smoother and more efficient.

RFID in SimplyRFID

RFID technology provides more coverage than just inventory management and asset tracking. We are sure there are several other companies out there that are doing just that. Here in SimplyRFID, our expertise lies in making your inventory management better and more accurate.

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Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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