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Quick Start Guide Part 3: Inventory Management System

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Once you've built your RFID inventory system, you can now start thinking integrating it in your system and reap the fruits of your labor.


Encoding System

Understanding the numeric encoding system will probably benefit you sooner rather than later. Knowing your encoding scheme is where all your business processes will revolve around. There are many encoding systems out there, and depending on the industry, you’re in the use case changes.

We’ve written a newbie-friendly guide on selecting your number/encoding system here.

The RAIN CIN, ROGUE RFID tags, Tag Clutter

Nowadays, RFID numeric systems revolve around RAIN CIN. It’s the most updated version of the older numeric system with extensive use and still supports the old UHF Gen2 Protocol. To know more about RAIN CIN, please visit this article we’ve written about it.

Pretty much RAIN RFID is the standard now. But, if you’re using or have used RFIDs before, you may have lingering pieces of old tags around your warehouse. These tags probably still use the ROGUE (ACID RAIN) numbering system. Since you’ll probably be using RAIN RFID from here on out, this won’t be a part of your RFID ecosystem. Thus, we call these Tag Clutters. If you want to read more about ROGUE RFID and Tag Clutter, kindly visit this article.

Using existing RFID tags with Wave

If you’re a business that has used RFID before, you probably still have existing RFID tags in your offices or warehouse. You might ask — do I need to purchase new ones, or can I use old RFID tags? We’ve answered that question in this article. But, as long as it’s using a UHF Gen2 Protocol, you should be fine.

Building Business Processes around RFID system

Now that you understand all there is to know about the RFID hardware, software, and encoding scheme, you start wondering, “How do I fit all these pieces together to utilize within my business?” You have to understand that building a process takes time depending on your current setup, and it could be beta testing for quite a while. While RFID removes an enormous toll from your inventory management system, it is also not a magic wand that solves all your problems.

We’ve lined out here a couple of things that will ease up maintaining your RFID ecosystem healthy.

Stocking Tags

RFID tags are available almost everywhere. You can get as low as $0.10 ea, depending on the quantity. It’s a lot worth it to stock tags in 100,000 pcs rather than buying a couple of hundred pieces every time.

Pre-programmed Tags

We highly recommend that you purchase pre-programmed tags to lessen the work on your end. This way, the only thing you have to work on is printing on the labels of pre-programmed RFIDs. Here in SimplyRFID, we supply different types of RFID tags which you can print on depending on your use. You can find the list of RFID tags we offer down below:

Part-Number On-Metal Proximity Off-Metal Proximity 100,000 Pcs (Pre-Programmed)
Works on metal TM4 v2 (20210 2.5 meters 0 meters $1.50 ea
Works off metal TI 0 meters 8 meters $0.20 ea
Works off metal TRM 0 meters 1.5 meters 0.10 ea
Works off metal DoD RFID XTravelers 0 meters 8 meters
Works off metal TRS 0 meters 3 meters $0.10 ea
Works on or off metal TM7 4 meters 3.5 meters $1.99 ea
Works on or off metal TF (Popsicle) 3 meters 3 meters $0.23 ea
Works on or off metal TA 454 3 meters 3 meters $1.30 ea
Works on or off metal JT (Jewelry RFID Loop) 1.5 meters 1.5 meters $0.15 ea

Encourage Yoir Suppliers to Source-tag

Recently; smaller companies have increased RFID system deployment. The process of RFID tagging items has become a hot topic in different industries and sectors. While several large-scale RFID implementations in the retail industry, some smaller retailers have also started RFID tagging their items.

Source tagging is the attaching and application of tags coming from your supplier or manufacturer instead of at the retail side of the supply chain. This way, all you have to think about is scanning the items in your factory or warehouse.

At this point, you should be ready to take on bigger and bigger inventory and expand your Inventory System using RFID technology. Our Wave app will efficiently take your inventory and lessen your cost over time.

Contact our support team so we can discuss improving your Inventory System!

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RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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