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What is a RAIN CIN?


RAIN CIN (Company Identification Number)

Around November 2021, the 'Application ID workgroup' of RAIN Alliance ratified the RAIN CIN as an ISO standared.

The CIN is a 2, 4, 6, or 8 hexadecimal prefix used on RAIN RFID tags to identify your companies tag and reduces tag clutter (duplicate or rogue RFID tags) from devaluing RFID in the supply chain.

The RAIN CIN is one of several RFID encoding/numbering systems discussed in our encoding FAQ.

RAIN CIN is natively supported as an extensible decode/encode standard by SimplyRFiD Wave and Pogi.

To apply for a RAIN CIN for your company you can visit the RAIN RFID Organization website or contact SimpyRFiD and we will help you design a world-class RFID inventory system.

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