Wine Problem


Thousands of bottles of wine. Moving them to take inventory would upset the sediment and could damage the aging process. It would also take a long time to check every bottle.

How do you know if your $20, $100, or $500 bottle has gone missing? When? How do you find a misplaced bottle? It may take months before it's pulled and placed in the correct location.

If you're not a restaurant, and this is for home consumption, then RFID also makes it possible to keep track of your inventory in a 'place anywhere' system. You don't need to keep all your vintages together, requiring shifting boxes and stirring up the wine.

Wave RFID Handheld


RFID tags allow you to locate wine ("I want a 1990 Bordeaux"). Just tag your wine and tell Wave what you're looking for.

Wave can keep tracking of total bottle count by SKU, variety, and year. Locate by region, brand, or bottler.

Any information you add can be searched and sorted. Or, located using the 'locator.'

More importantly -- you can now figure out how much wine you own. Or don't own.

Time savings with RFID

Assuming 3,000 bottles of wine

Bottles Time to Audit
1,000 2 minutes
5,000 10 minutes
20,000 40 minutes

Now you can open your restaurant and get a daily count of your wine and liquor inventory in a few minutes.

But, more so: You can find what you want

If you have a few thousand bottles of wine, you can locate the one you're looking for.



We make a unique 'flag tag' that curves around the top bottle seal and reads 10' plus.


  • Place the flag tag on the bottle.
  • Scan the bottle with the Wave
  • Add the data about the bottle to Wave

We can also pre-print and encode all your tags. Just peel and stick them to the appropriate bottle. New bottles arriving can be added to the system on arrival.


Use the Wave handheld to count your stock quickly. A list of missing items will be displayed. You can mark them as SOLD or missing, and export them to a CSV (Excel format) file to update your available inventory.

No more shortages or excellent bottles going missing.

Try RFID Risk Free

Includes Wave app, CS108 RFID handheld, Pogi data server access, our starter kit of rfid tags, and an iPod Touch.

Pay just $99/month plus a one-time charge for the iPod of $250. You may provide your own iOS 13 (or later) device in place of the iPod. The CS108 RFID handheld remains the property of SimplyRFiD if you cancel service. You may pre-pay the year for $990 (2 free months).

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