Data Manager For RFID Tags

System Control. Easier than Easier.


Optimized Data Storage

Pogi is a server that stores essential RFID tag data for inventory management and control. Pogi is optimized for inventory management RF solutions requiring high-speed transactions and real-time actions.


Simple queries allow you to filter data how you’d like to see it. You can export it in CSV (for Excel or other spreadsheets), or JSON (if you don’t know that acronym, don’t worry about it).

API for Expansion

Pogi can alert other systems. You can add an alarm when items go out the door that haven’t been checked out. Or, for work in progress systems, you can enable lights and buzzers or update displays with timely information. Pogi can also serve real time map updates.

Data Integration

Pogi integrates with third party ERP and procurement systems via key fields.