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If you're a grower, you need to manage your plant stock. From seed to harvest, each time you move your plants, you need to update your system. If a plant dies or isn't performing, you need to remove it from your growth. And, you need to provide reports to your state for compliance. If you're a METRC state, you probably already have a system for this. But, if not, you'll need something to keep accurate records.

If you are a retailer, you need to maintain an accurate stock count of your controlled product. Doing a manual count is time-consuming and hard to ensure accuracy. Failing compliance could mean a loss of your license.

Wave RFID Handheld Cannabis


Adding RFID to your grow can allow you to quickly count your plants and update them from one location to the next. With RFID, you can scan about 500 plants per minute.

Retail needs the same level of counting and accountability. In our Eyewear application, we do a daily 100% inventory and report on missing (or sold) items.

Cost Savings for RFID in Retail?


Assuming 3,000 items in inventory.

Tag Cost
Barcode Asset Tag $0.01
SimplyRFiD RAIN RFID Tag $0.05
Cost Difference $0.04 ($120 on 3,000 tags)

Audit time

Assuming the loaded rate for an employee: $30

Audit Time Cost
Barcode @ 10 seconds per tag 8 Hours $240 per inventory
RFID @ 10 tags per second 5 minutes $3 per inventory event

What's the total savings?

If you don't perform a daily inventory, how will you be compliant? How can you be sure your stock isn't missing?

At 5 minutes to perform a complete inventory, you know your stock is present—no more end-of-month write-offs. You can stop losses as they occur.

Savings per month on a daily inventory: More than $7,000.



Our TX rfid tags are awesome for both plant tagging and store inventory.


  • Place the tag on the item (retail or use a loop holder for plants)
  • Associate the tag to the product with Wave
  • Take inventory with our Wave handheld


  • Each night, select the location to audit
  • Squeeze trigger
  • Missing items will be displayed. You can mark them as 'sold' and export a spreadsheet of missing items for reconciliation.

Start Tracking Now!

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily from just $1,990!

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