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What is Simply RFiD Wave for DoD?

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PTX - Pre-programmed TX tag (PTX) for supply chain RFID

In addition to all the features of SimplyRFID Wave, the DoD add-on gives you:

DoD RFID Decoder

Wave decodes the content of a DoD RFID tag. In particular, Wave will decode:

  • Type of item (Case, Pallet, or Item Level)
  • The CAGE code of the shipper
  • The serial number of the tag.

This number correlates to the military invoice (that 'case' of products with a specific serial number contains 'air filters').

DoD UID Decoder

If you scan the 2D Datamatrix of a DoD UID Tag, Wave will decode:

  • EID (Enterprise Identifier) -- the manufacturer of the item -- usually a CAGE code
  • Part number
  • Serial number of the part

Currently, Wave will decode UID Construct 2 tag, format 6 types.

iRAPT / WAWF / VIM-ASAP Uploader

Wave can scan all your items in a case, cases on a pallet and create a military shipment and send this to iRAPT. For item level shipments, you can send data to our VIM-ASAP delivery order system and add items and cases to your shipment.

When your RFID tagged goods arrive at the military, they are automatically received using RFID and your payment is released. Entering your data into iRAPT and VIM-ASAP associates the tag ID to your invoice.

Complete systems from $99/mo

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