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Wave Starter Kit


  • Try RFID Risk-Free with a low monthly cost

  • $99/month includes support, service, and RFID Handheld

  • $250 one-time charge for the iPod

  • 100 RFID tags to start (complimentary)

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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We will ship your order within one business day. You will have at least 30 days to try the Wave handheld before the next month billing kicks in. If you need a few more days, contact us. We think you'll love it and order more tags for your system.

The Details

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

No obligation. If you aren't delighted, contact us, and we will give you a return shipping label. We will pay to ship both ways. There is no cost to try Wave for the first 30 days. Period.

You will be billed at checkout for the first month. We will credit this back if you cancel.

  • $99/month Wave subscription

This includes the SimplyRFiD Wave App, SimplyRFiD Pogi Server hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Service), data backups, technical support, software upgrades, and a CS108 RFID handheld.

The CS108 handheld is yours to use while you have an active Wave subscription. SimplyRFiD will replace the handheld if you experience any warranty issues. We cover standard manufacturing defects. Dropping or running over the handheld by a forklift is not included but if you think you have a warranty or usability issue, we'll exchange your handheld for a new model. We think you'll love RFID and we will work with you to make sure your equipment is fabulous.

The CS108 handheld replacement value is $1,095.

  • A one time charge of $250 for the included iPod

You may provide your own iOS 13+ device. We recommend the iPhone SE or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

These are yours to keep. These only work well on cardboard and plastics or if you use a foam spacer on metallic surfaces. For getting started, these are ideal tags for experimenting. You may wish to order additional tags to get started.

Any RAIN RFID tag will work with the Wave system. We will work with you for the best tags at the best price. Get started, figure out what the value is, make it work. Then, let's find the best-priced tags.

Data Centers Problem

About Wave

Wave makes taking inventory fast -- with RFID. Wave works offline, and you can sync on-the-go. Wave can connect and share data with a SimplyRFiD Pogi server. On average, you can inventory 700 items per minute, effortlessly.



Mark your inventory by location. These can be rooms (storage, IT closet) or buildings (Headquarters, Cell Tower 115).

You pick how you want to organize. All your data is searchable from anywhere, but when you are auditing an area, it's nice to say, "OK, I'm missing these items." Wave will tell you what you still need to find in that location. Wave will also update the Last Seen time to see how long an item has been missing.


Make your inventory beautiful. You can set a picture for any item, and it displays in your list as you're inventorying items.

Pictures are great for finding unique items (art, custom dies, and tools, people for mustering) or showing an odd-looking server, office items, and other parts by a visual indicator.


The Pogi Data Server allows you to run queries like "What items were missed for the last two cycle counts" and find items that may have gone permanently missing.


Wave supports an Asset ID field. This field can link your Wave inventory with your traditional ERP or Fixed Asset system for updating item counts.

Wave can also track:

  • A picture of each item
  • Name
  • Long description (or, a service history)
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Part Number
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Last Seen / Last inventoried date
  • Location
  • Calibration Due / Last Calibration

5. GPS

Wave stores the GPS location of each item it locates. Outdoors this is within about 1 meter (3 feet) accuracy. Indoors this varies, but it's usually surprisingly accurate unless you are underground.

You can export all your data and display it visually in Google Maps by Latitude/Longitude. Share it with your company, and every asset available by 'date last seen' is visible to your team on their mobile devices.

Item GPS location is fantastic for someone trying to do a presentation and needing a whiteboard, or outdoor industries doing tree mapping and trash can collections.


Great for service work, Wave works with SimplyRFiD's PAWN enterprise asset visibility system. PAWN will give alerts if an out of calibration item approaches an egress door by using permanently mounted doorway RFID readers. With Wave, you use the P and W in PAWN (Pogi server, Aura fixed RFID reader, Wave handheld RFID, and Nerv - the control system for enterprise management).


The Pogi server synchronizes your data across all your handhelds and web browser interface. Pogi lives on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data servers in a secure environment. All accounts and users have a private server -- no shared data servers where one user could compromise data to another.


Wave is painstakingly built in the 'C language' with love and care. No slow code here.

We optimized the code to run on an iPod with 1,000,000 records or more. In your hand. Offline or Online. Work from anywhere and update your inventories and audits. You'll love the speed on the iPod, but once you experience Wave on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it will be your life mission to upgrade. The larger screen is a joy. Sync times are 5x faster on the iPhone 11.


OS: iOS 13+ capable Apple device.

Devices: iPods work well, but for the most fun, use an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

RFID: CS108-2 Handheld Required.

Server: SimplyRFID Pogi Server

RFID Tags: Your choice of RAIN RFID tags

Try RFID Risk Free

Includes Wave app, CS108 RFID handheld, Pogi data server access, our starter kit of rfid tags, and an iPod Touch.

Pay just $99/month plus a one-time charge for the iPod of $250. You may provide your own iOS 13 (or later) device in place of the iPod. The CS108 RFID handheld remains the property of SimplyRFiD if you cancel service. You may pre-pay the year for $990 (2 free months).

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