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Do I have to buy all of the tags I need from SimplyRFiD?



Do I have to buy all of the tags for my project from SimplyRFID? is what we usually hear from clients who are just beginning their journey using RFID technology for their inventory management. This question is what we'll answer in this article


No, you don't need to buy all the tags you need from us --- not necessarily. There are hundreds and thousands of other suppliers out there that you can purchase RFID labels/tags from. We don't exclusively require our clients to buy all the tags they use from us. As long as the RFID tags are using UHF Gen2/RAIN RFID, it will work with our platform.


We have been in service for more than 20 years. With the time we've invested in this industry, we have sampled every known tag -- the best and the worst -- and have custom-designed tags which we see have the most use for inventory management and asset tracking. We've partnered with different tag producers out there to produce the best tag for the job. We have also cultivated a range of tags you can select depending on your usage, whether off-metal or on-metal, jewelry, garments, boxes, electronics, or anything in-between.

We are always happy to point you towards the correct RFID tag that suits your preference. There are hundreds of ways to tag your items and we're open to hearing ideas. Generally, you would want to sample a low volume first before engaging on a more significant order. This way, you can see if it fits your purpose and that it will work on the items you're tagging.

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