This release includes enhancements and fixes for an overall smoother user experience.

New Features:

The Quick Tag screen has a new User Interface (UI):

  • It breaks down the process of saving new RFID tags into three basic steps: Select Location, Input SKU/UPC/Asset Id, and Scan RFID Tags Sequentially.
  • The Asset mode and Batch mode are merged in the new UI. Users can scan individually or by batch.
  • The Asset Id field from the previous Quick Tag UI is now the SKU/UPC/Asset Id field.
  • The SKU/UPC/Asset Id field removes leading and trailing spaces from the inputted text.
  • There are optional data fields that can be enabled or disabled in Settings. If an additional data field is enabled, it will be displayed as a step between Input SKU/UPC/Asset Id and Scan RFID Tags.
  • A checkbox to disable the Success Message prompt is available on the Success Message after saving the details of the first quick-tagging session. The Success Message is only disabled for that session; when the app is restarted, it will be re-enabled.
  • Switching away from the Quick Tag screen to another screen when the user has already inputted an SKU will prompt the user to confirm their exit.

Saving new Marker Tags has a new User Interface (UI):

  • It is now called Add a Marker.
  • It is now on the Settings screen under Utilities.


  • Warning and error messages are now displayed as Toast Messages from the previous modals.
  • The Synchronizing Changes prompt is now a progress bar. It displays the API operation being called and removes the lag created by the prompt.
  • The beeping sound made by the app when scanning new tags is muted when another app is using the device’s sound output.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the listed Locations on the Inventory and__ Quick Tag__ screens are incorrectly alphabetized.
  • Fixed a bug where saving an Audit Report that includes unexpected uncommissioned tags will freeze the app.
  • Fixed a bug where an ellipsis will be displayed instead of the actual count of the search results on the Search screen.
  • Fixed a bug where having an Unexpected tab count greater than 0 doesn’t trigger the warning prompt when switching a location on the Inventory screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fields text on the Settings screen under the Quick Tag option is not readable on Dark Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where additional items found in the current inventory location will be included in the Audit Report under the following conditions:
    • The user has already pressed the Save and Submit buttons.
    • The handheld trigger is still being squeezed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Re Synchronize Data button doesn’t resynchronize data on the Inventory screen.

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