Pogi Release Notes for September 24, 2021

Pogi Release Version 3.04.03

This release includes a new layout for item filters, a new Audit Report page and several new APIs for integration partners.

Web UI

  1. Current/History filters by enhancement
    • New filter by group
    • layout change
  2. New audit report page
  3. Export option to export visible or selected items
  4. Date input enhancement (new, allow in-place edit, button to go to current date)

Pogi API

  1. IP Blocking
    • Currently configured to log IP address of possible attack sources
  2. ID-add to automatically set added_date
    • New items will automatically have an added_date value
    • Old items will not have a value for added_date
  3. upload-inventory will no longer reset marker for missing tags
    • Sending inventory with missing items will no longer reset their marker to null
  4. Search by group
    • Only available to orgs that have created groups
  5. Enhanced server monitoring logs
  6. New/Updated API operations
  7. (New) ID-allocate
    • Generate serialized RFID values
  8. (New) zone-move-contents
    • This moves the entire contents of one zone to another
  9. id-update
    • has an additional parameter keyField

Pogi Receiver

  1. Do not allow GET method for index.html
  2. Log source IP for GET method calls (in debug mode only)

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