This release includes cool new features, enhancements, and general fixes for an overall smoother user experience.

What’s New:

  • Users can now integrate their Shopify Store into their Inventory in Pogi. After successfully integrating their Shopify Store, users can then export their Inventory Count from Pogi into their Shopify Store.
  • The Products Page is now live! Wave's Quick Tag feature will function more intuitively with the help of the data in the Products page. This will also categorize your inventory by the Products you have.
  • New User creation is now done by sending access invites to their corresponding email addresses.


  • The Settings Page has a new look. It is now sectioned into three following categories: About, System Fields, and Integration.
  • The About section of the Settings Page displays some information about the users' organization and their inventory status.
  • The System Fields section of the Settings Page can be used by advanced users to modify some parts of Pogi to better suit their needs.
  • The Integration section of the Settings Page can be used by advanced users to integrate Pogi with a 3rd party software. Currently, Pogi can integrate with Shopify.
  • The checkboxes on the Current and History Pages are now easier to click. With a bigger hitbox, users no longer need to aim for it.
  • The Item Details pop-up now contains the Track Item, Packed Items, and Print Buttons.
  • The Action Column on the Current and History Pages are removed to clear up some space on the Item Table.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the image downloaded from Pogi UI is just a file with a different data type from the one uploaded. Users can now open or view the downloaded file as an image.
  • Fixed a bug where the user was able to input a Full Name that exceeds the character limit.

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