This release includes cool new features, enhancements, and general fixes for an overall smoother user experience.

What’s New / Enhancements:

Users can now Reconcile their Inventory using the Missing Report.

  • From the Inventory page, users can click on the Reconcile button on the top-righthand side of the Inventory table. You'll be redirected to the Current page.
    • You can use the Date Range, Group, and Location as filters.
  • The Missing Report displays the following items:
    • Items that are Missing state on the Audit Reports within the Date Range selected.
    • Items that have not been scanned, or have not been in any Audit Reports within the Date Range selected.
  • For items that are not existing in the database yet, on the Date Range you selected, the Missing Report will not show those tags that are not yet added into the database.
  • Another way of viewing the Missing Report is by going to the Current Page and using the Display Missing Only under the Advance Filter.

Users can now save 128 Bit tags using Pogi as either an inventory item or as a marker.


  • Improved the verbiage for the error message when existing email addresses are being added again to new users.
  • Users can now toggle the password field on the Login Page to see what they're typing.
  • The Event Source field is now visible in the Item Details pop-up on all organizations.
  • For Support Admin Accounts, the Organization List and Server Logs pages are now available.
    • Support Admins can now view and edit the expiration of all instances.
    • Support Admins can now clear up all the items in the tables state, state_deleted, marker, and history per instance. Other items like users and groups are to be deleted manually.
    • Support Admins can now view the server logs per instance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where there are no search results for the Inventory Page but the label says there is 1 item found.
  • Fixed a bug where the Inventory icon on the Dashboard always shows that the page is selected.

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