Pogi Release Notes for August 11, 2022

Pogi Release Version 3.07.02

This release includes a hotfix for the Groups page and QT redirect issues and an enhancement for Admin Users.

What’s New / Enhancements:

  • Admin Users can now edit the Groups they belong to. It can be a selection of groups or the supergroup called Everything where the user belongs to all existing groups and groups added in the future.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an edge case bug where the Groups page is not accessible by Admin users and users can’t be added to any groups. The fix is to make all users be a part of the Everything supergroup by default. The Groups section in the User Profile and Edit Profile modals are now available for all levels of users.
  • Fixed an an edge case issue wherein the Quick Tag page is not accessible by normal users and keeps redirecting them to the Dashboard page. The fix is by stopping all user-list API operations everytime the user-level, of the account logged-in, is not an admin user.

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