Pogi Release Notes for July 01, 2022

Pogi Release Version 3.07.01

Minor API improvements (related to datetime handling), and minor WebUI tweaks. Requires Wave v3.3.1+

Pogi API

  1. API date/time changes
    • All datetime fields now include milliseconds, and are handled more consistently
    • id-deleted-list the parameter since now accepts datetime with milliseconds. Old request (without milliseconds) will still work.
    • id-deleted-list now returns the date/time of the latest delete in the result (last_delete_date).
    • id-current, id-history and history: the parameters fromTime and toTime now accepts milliseconds. Old request (without milliseconds) will still work.
    • id-current, id-history and history now returns the last update date/time (last_update_date).
  2. Minor API fixes
    • Fixed id-delete not updating the delete date for reused tags. This only happened when a tag is deleted, re-added and then re-deleted.
    • Call to id-update with an invalid keyField now returns an error, instead of failing with a 502 error
    • id-reassign now returns json, instead of raw string response
    • user-get returns an error message, instead of 502 when user is not logged in


  1. Moved the active page's main title to the header section
  2. Display both the user's groups, and visible location in the "Edit Profile" modal window

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