Pogi Release Notes for October 12, 2021

Pogi Release Version 3.05.00

This is a major release where the Pogi Receiver is re-written for improved performance and stability.

Web UI

  1. Replaced audit report with a new version
    • Toggle check-all can now select all items on other pages as well
    • Deleted items will no longer be updated when any action is done to it
  2. Fixed issue preventing normal user's from accessing several pages

Pogi API

  1. Prevent saving of blank RFID
  2. Fixed import CSV failing when user does not belong to the 'Everything' group
  3. API zone-move-contents is no longer limited to the first 15 items
  4. id-commissioned (new)
    • This checks if the tagID is already commissioned

Pogi Receiver

  1. Blocks saving Blank RFID
  2. Revamped Aura Core receiver

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