Pogi Release Notes for December 27, 2021

Pogi Release Version 3.06.00

This release contains a refactor that improves the API's speed and some minor UI tweaks.

Pogi API

  1. Major API optimization and refactor
    • DB connection sharing for subsequent DB calls
    • Removed several unnecessary DB access
    • id-add/id-update: Generate a full DB add/update SQL, instead of making several calls
  2. Minor API updates
    • Fixed: Track item sometimes not working. Item state is set to present by default.
    • Multiple calls to id-delete no longer requires calling id-undelete
    • Improved id-update response when using keyField


  • Print item info from the Current page
  • Batch mode for QuickTag
  • Edit marker name/marker location
  • Select all/Unselect all Locations for Add Group modal
  • Select all/Unselect all Groups for Add User modal

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