A.I.M.S Release Notes for April 03, 2023


New user management feature and UI/UX updates.

Web UI

  1. New account type and user types
    • Account Types:
      1. Super Admin
      2. Vendor
      3. Store
    • User Types:
      1. Admin
      2. Staff
    • Notes:
      • A super admin can manage and act as a vendor and a store.
      • The main difference between the two user types is that an Admin can manage user credentials for the account.
      • A super admin user is always an admin user type.
      • Only account Admin can access Settings page.
  2. Added the ability for Super Admin to manage or act as a vendor or a store
    • This feature is added so password sharing is not needed. You can be able to manage multiple accounts by just using a Super Admin account.
  3. Adding a store account will automatically add the store name to the custom customer list if does not exist. Store name linking to the customer list is case-sensitive, both should have the same format.
  4. Added email notification when adding a new account.
    • This email will be sent to all Super Admin of the system.
    • The sole purpose of this email is to always make sure we have a log of who and when the account was onboarded.
  5. Updated the process or workflow of adding new users.
    • Adding new users for an account can now be done by a Super Admin or the Admin of the account.
    • When creating a user, the system will only ask for which account you are about to add the user, a name, and a valid email. This email will be used to send a user account email invitation.
    • The user account email invitation has a button that will redirect you to the system in which the user will create their own password.
    • Notes:
      • New users are required to have a working or valid email.
      • All invitations that are not processed will be invalidated after 2 working days.
      • If a password is forgotten or the user wishes to change/update their password, the Admin or the Super Admin needs to delete the user on the account and add them again to send a new user account email invitation.
  6. New account deletion process.
    • Deleting/disabling an account will put that an account into a Inactive status
    • If an account is inactive, all notifications, background processes and automation are postponed or removed from the account.
    • If an account is a vendor, all UPC will also be marked as Inactive and inventoryCount will be updated to 0.
    • If an account is a store, inventory access is revoked. The AIMS app can no longer be used to update the inventory.
    • All pending orders for the account will be Voided.
  7. New account restoration process.
    • If an account is restored all removed accesses, background processes and automation are enabled again.
  8. New account expiration process
    • Super Admin can add in expirations for every account.
    • The system will send email notifications weekly for accounts with less than or equal to 30 days remaining before their expiry date.
    • The Web UI also displays the notice of expiration with accounts less than or equal to 30 days remaining before their expiry date.
    • If the expiring account is a vendor, 2 days before their expiration date, the system will also notify stores that the vendor account will expire via email. This email is to prepare them that all pending orders will automatically be updated to Voided if not processed.
    • If the expiring account is a vendor, on the day of expiration, the system will also notify the stores that the vendor account has expired and all "pending" orders are now updated to Voided.

AIMS Application

  1. Removed Sell feature.
  2. Disabled Inventory, Onboard, Assign features for disabled or inactive users.

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