A.I.M.S Release Notes for October 20, 2022


Backorder Process

Incoming Orders Page Update

  • Batch declining is now only be available for 'Reorders' that are not backorders.
  • Declining a 'Dropship' order will ask you the reason for declining: Discontinued - if selected, it would act as a normal declined dropship order Backorder - if selected, the order would be tagged as a backorder

Decline Orders Email Notification

Every time an order is declined, stores will now receive an email notification regarding the order.

This email notification would also fall under the batching of emails the system sends out (every 15 minutes) Orders that are tagged as Backorder will have an additional text within the order information that states that the order is tagged as a backorder.

Additional Order Status for Orders

Backorders would now have a yellow and black pill-like text under the status of an order. This would quickly tell the store and vendors that the order is a backorder.

Auto-decline Feature for Orders Update

To reiterate, this feature declines orders with the status of In Progress and are not touched for more than '18 hoursand more than2 weekdays. Orders that are Dropship are automatically tagged as backorders. Orders that are tagged as backorders are exempted from this feature. Reorders for the backorders can still be declined manually insideIncoming orders.`

Shipping Orders Directly to the Lab for Backorders

After shipping the Backorder to the Lab, a pop up window asking the store to fill the open spots will give them the option to “reorder” the same frame model right away.

This specific “reorder” will be tagged as “backorder” on the Incoming Order page ( pls use this instead)

Orders that are tagged as a backorder and not 'Voided' would be added to the Backorders report page.


Added a New Report Page -- Backorder

  • This will include orders that are tagged as Backorder

Reorders page (Kendall's Queue)

  • Added a status filter
  • Renamed the Ship to FSD reference data to Ship to FSG.

Reorders page (Kendall's Queue)

  • Changed the dashboard URL to Probe URL: fsgaims.com
  • Removed the SimplyRFID texts on the email

Minor UI updates

  • Infinite scrolling feature update — fixes minor bugs
  • Dates are now converted back again to local time

Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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