A.I.M.S Release Notes for September 1, 2022

A.I.M.S. Release Version 1.12.01

Enhancements for Store Accounts

Closed Page Enhancements

  • Removed the Replace and Reorder buttons.
  • Moved to the Order Status dropdown navigation.

Work Queue Page Enhancements

  • Allowed Reorder option for all order types.
  • Added Replacement feature for Ghost orders, and for Stores that Allowed Replacement on the vendors.
  • Added Replace Frame Order button to all pending orders and declined reorders.
  • Replaced the Warehouse, or Reorder button, with a Shopping Cart button.

New Features for Store Accounts

Settings Page New Features

  • Added a section on the Settings Page for stores to enable the Replacement Feature per vendor.
  • Set Allow Replacement to all Vendors as the default for the added Replacement feature for Ghost orders. The same is true for Stores that Allowed Replacement on the vendors (Settings Page).

Work Queue Page New Features

  • Declined Dropship added Replacement option:
    • Once a declined dropship order is directly shipped to the lab by the store, the system would ask if the store wants to order a replacement. When confirmed, it will show the same Replacement (fill open spots) popup window. When submitted, creates a new Reorder.
    • Replaced Frame Modal: tab selections
      • Same Model tab - search for the exactly the same brand, model, and size.
      • Different Model tab - search for the similar size but different model. If the to be replaced UPC does not have valid or missing extended frame data it will be disabled.
      • Catalog tab - fetches the replacement data for the similar size.

New Feature for Vendor Accounts

To Ship Page New Feature

  • Notification to Vendor that a particular order is to be shipped to the FSD office.
  • This is part of the Valet Service provided by Framesource Group to Vendor or Store

Enhancement for both Vendor and Store Accounts

Order History Modal Enhancement

  • Added Replaced UPC Details to the History.
  • Improved interface for the Order History Modal: Right-aligned to the page and the history is already scrollable.

New Feature for Admin Accounts

Reorder Queue Page

  • All untouched Declined Reorders and Ghost orders for 4 business days are moved to this page.
  • Show only the Pending and Declined reorders that are untouched for more than 4 business days.
  • Only system administrators can access this page.
  • Replacement and Reorder options are available for the page.
  • To include Ghost vendor in Reorder Queue Vendor Filter.
  • For reorder, the Ship To field will have an option of FSD office, and enable Reference number field.

Note: Always disabled editing on Order Type field for Reorders

  • Add Other Reference Data field for Reorder modal in the Reorder Queue page.

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