A.I.M.S. Release Notes for August 19, 2022

A.I.M.S. Release Version 1.12.0

This release includes the second phase of changes for the Order Process and enhancements for Vendor and Store accounts.

Enhancements for Vendor Accounts

The details of each error are no longer shown as a list on the email. This was changed to avoid receiving lengthy email when a CSV file with numerous errors is uploaded. Instead, the details of each error are now listed on a CSV file that is attached to the email notification being sent.

Enhancements for Store Accounts

  • The Complete button is now the Close button on the Work Queue page. The Close button is only available for Ghost, Pending, and Declined re-orders. The Close button will move the order from the Work Queue page to the Closed page under the Order Status tab with the status of Closed.

  • In line with the new order process, the batch re-ordering feature is re-enabled on the Work Queue page, exclusively for re-orders with good UPCs.

Count Inventory Faster

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