A.I.M.S Release Notes for August 19, 2022

A.I.M.S. Release Version 1.11.0

This release includes the initial phase of changes for the Order Process, new features for Vendors, and usability (UI) improvement for Vendor and Stores accounts.

New Features Added for Vendor Accounts

  • The UPC Manager Page now has extended frame data which includes the following fields:
    • Color Group
    • Gender
    • Age.
    • Frame Shape
    • Rim Type
    • Material
    • Year Introduced
  • An email notification is sent to the email addresses listed on the Operations Email Recipient field under Settings for every file (CSV) imported on the UPC Manager page.

Enhancements for Vendor Accounts

  • The Minimum Inventory Count field under Settings of the UPC Manager page is no longer editable, removed from the Settings, and defaults to 10.

Enhancements for Store Accounts

  • The Remove Frame button is added back to the Inventory page.
  • The Frame Replacement feature is removed from the Inventory page and will be available on one of the upcoming releases.
  • The Processed By field is renamed to Sold By on the Order Frame pop-up window of the Inventory Page.
  • The Completed and Cancel buttons for declined dropship orders on the Work Queue page are removed. The Ship to Lab and Order History buttons are retained.
  • The orders sold on the Inventory page has been moved to Work Queue with the Pending status.

General Enhancements

The following buttons are now using icons instead of words. The tooltip visual aid is retained to keep the clarity of the button's function.

  • Complete
  • Cancel
  • Order
  • Cancel

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