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Transforming Inventory Accuracy

  • WednesdayMay 3, 2023
  • America12:00 - 13:30 Eastern
  • 90minutes
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Carl Brown, President & CEO
Carl Brown President/CEO • Event host •
SimplyRFID Software Developers

How are you accurately managing your inventory?

In the 1970’s the barcode was the most popular tool retailers utilized to keep track of inventory. Fast forward to today’s digital first era, and most retailers are now using RAIN RFID chips. More than 60 million products are tagged with RAIN RFID chips, every day. RFID tags perform a similar function as the barcode popularized, but RFID can be read through a cardboard box or in a stack of jeans - and at a speed of 1,000 items (tags) per second. Top retailers have rolled out RFID Inventory to thousands of locations, why? 90% reduction in loss. 99%+ accurate weekly inventory and 4% same store sales uplift.

Join SimplyRFID and a select group of industry peers for a Meet the Boss virtual roundtable as we discuss the changing needs of inventory and gain insights into where you can improve.

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Discussion topics


How are you managing inventory today? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Barcodes? Some RFID?


What are your main concerns with your inventory systems, now?


What's your plan for omnichannel, BOPIS, and Curbside? Are you changing your systems to meet it? How so?

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