Manage your fleet vehicles with RFID

Fleet inventory Problem


Huge Lots. Hundreds of cars. People are taking the wrong spot, which cascades into more vehicles parked in the incorrect locations.

Whether we are talking a corporate fleet or a rental fleet, when a car goes out, it's typically dropped just about anywhere. At some point, it's put back into the parking area at the most convenient location. Maybe it's organized with similar models and styles, but perhaps not.

Employees looking for the corporate car will walk the lot for minutes, hours trying to find the correct 'white chevy impala.' They desperately hit the alarm button, trying to narrow down the location.

On a small lot, this isn't a big deal. If your corporate lot has several thousand employee cars, that's the foremost reason you are reading this article.

Wave RFID Handheld Cars


A low-cost windshield or RFID hangtag solves several problems.

The RFID tag is easy to read from 10' or more from the car, making daily inventory a simple process. When did the car go missing? Where is it parked? Without a daily or hourly count, you'll never know.

Audit time

Assuming 1,000 cars three times per day.

Audit Time
Barcode @ 15 seconds per tag 12 Hours
RFID @ 2 tags per second 30 minutes

The cost savings aside, you can't realistically keep an accurate count of your car inventory or parked location without RFID.

While you could also have a GPS pickup with a barcode, the RFID option makes inventory a breeze.

Drive the lot 2, 3, 4, or more times per day and update the GPS location. Share the GPS location with employees, and they can head straight to the car.



For fleet cars, you may want a front and rear RFID tag. We suggest the TX tag placed on the rear tail light and another on the front headlamp.

Double tagging makes it easy to ID the car no matter how it is parked. The TX works well on plastic and can survive the outdoor elements for several years. The TX tag price makes double tagging affordable and saves time from enforcing front or rear in parking.


  • Place the TX tag on the headlamp or rear tail light.
  • Associate the tag using the Wave RFID handheld reader.


  • Drive your car lot
  • Squeeze the Wave trigger
  • Read all the tags from up to 20' away
  • Timestamp and GPS location of each car is updated

A missing car list is generated and available via CSV.

Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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