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Creating and using Marker tags in Wave Inventory

What are Markers?

Markers are RFID tags that can be associated with other tags in a specified location. Any RFID tags can be used for creating a Marker. When doing Inventory scans, it will associate the scanned tags with the nearest Marker tag identified by its RF signal strength. This feature is useful for marking multiple specific areas in a single location.

Inventory Marker Filter

Creating a new Marker Tag

Creating a new Marker is as simply as commisioning a new tag.

  1. Navigate to Quick Tag Page
  2. Click on the Markers Tab
  3. Click on the Tag ID field and squeeze the CS108 handheld trigger to scan the RFID tag
  4. Input the marker name on the Marker ID field
  5. Select a Location
  6. Click Save

Create Marker on Quicktag page

Using Markers in Inventory

Enable Markers in Settings

To enable markers to be included in Inventory scans

  1. Go to the Settings Page
  2. Go to Utilities group
  3. Click on Inventory
  4. Toggle the Marker button to enable

Inventory settings

Scan tags in Inventory

With Markers enabled for Inventory, scans will now detect the nearest marker tag. The detected marker tag will be displayed on top of the inventory list.

Inventory Marker

Use Pogi to Filter out Tags with Marker

The inventory can then be saved by pressing the Save button. This will then reflect on the Pogi Dashboard. This can be used to filter tags associated with the detected marker.

Pogi Inventory Filter

Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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