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Using the Quick Tag Function

In this article, we'll guide you through using Quick Tag the easiest and most efficient way possible. Quick Tag is the quickest way to comission new items into your database --- whether you do them individually or by batch. This function save you a dozen, if not hundreds, of man hours you used to slave counting every box and taking note of your count using any other inventory management tool you have had. Before we start our guide, kindly remember these three words:

Peel - Stick - Track

Wave FAQ

Please follow the tagging workflow below:

Note: This guide uses *Batch* Quick Tag feature as a reference.
  1. Begin by launching the Wave app and selecting the Quick Tag option.

Batch Quick Tag

  1. Once you’re on the quick tag screen, select your location.

Selecting a Location - Quick Tag

  1. Next, peel and apply an RFID label to each one of your assets.

Tracking Art - RFID used to manage corporate art work by Art Force

  1. Pull the trigger and begin scanning RFID tags. You may not detect your tags at first. The scanning strength of the Quick Tag application is intentionally set very low.


  1. You will need to aim the business end of your handheld (That’s the big boxy part on the front of the handheld) to within 1” of an RFID tag.

Pro-tip: when you're scanning or commissioning RFIDs, you want to make sure that you are pointing the reader area to the vicinity of the RFiD label. The image below is where the RFiD reader antenna is situated.


Note: Turn up the volume on your cellphone to hear the magical sound of RFID.

  1. Once you scan all of your RFID tags, tap on the Asset ID field and either type or barcode scan the name, serial number, lot number, SKU, UPC or part number. Anything will do – try to keep it consistent amongst all of your various parts.

Now, you’re done! Save your work. Time for a break.

Quick Tag Asset ID Field

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