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Shipping Policy

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SimplyRFiD provides the best quality product, shipped same-day, at a great price!

Specifically: Label orders branded PTX, PTU, PTC, MSL, Unit Pack, LSS, LUS, or WAVE placed using the website before 2 PM Eastern time will ship the same-day via UPS pre-paid or UPS Freight Collect.

We do our best to ship orders as late as 7 PM, but we can't always promise that.

Not using the website? Add some time...

Orders submitted by phone, email, purchase order, fax, or otherwise without using the website require written or verbal approval of an official estimate. Orders approved by 2 PM Eastern will ship same-day.

If you are emailing or submitting your order using a purchase order, we may need to call you to arrange payment before the order can be shipped.

Custom designs and approvals?

Custom label orders using new or existing label designs may require an additional business day for shipping and require written approval of a sales order and a visual label sample.

Special shipping needs?

Requests to ship orders using non-UPS carriers such as FedEx, DHL, USPS, or other freight carriers may require an extra business day for shipping.

If you're in the Warrenton, VA area and would like to pick up your order from our office, just let us know! We'll call you when it's ready.


Each year, we deal with a few days of inclement weather that closes the office. Usually, this coincides with shipping carriers being unavailable to pick up orders that day too. US holidays also affect our shipping schedule. SimplyRFiD generally follows the same schedule as UPS. UPS shipping holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, with limited shipping on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve.

Advance Orders

From time to time, an order may need to be placed well in advance of the actual ship date. Unfortunately, we cannot hold orders totaling less than $5,000 per delivery for longer than it takes to produce the order.

Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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