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RFID Source Tagging and its Challenges


Tagging products with RFID stickers is an essential step in transforming your inventory, but it can be a tedious and repetitive process. Many businesses opt to build their own RFID printing system, but this can lead to miscounts due to duplicate RFID numbers. SimplyRFiD offers a more straightforward and effective solution called source tagging, which works with tag suppliers such as Avery Dennison, BoingTech, etc., to simplify the process.

What is source tagging?

Source tagging is when your products' RFID tags are obtained directly from the manufacturer, so your items are delivered pre-tagged with all necessary information whether it is UPC, SKU, or even barcodes. All you need to do is scan them into your inventory.

How do I source tag?

To ensure RFID tagging of their products, Walmart mandated their suppliers to tag their items at the manufacturing level, though the process of tagging varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Earlier, the suppliers had to print and label the tags themselves, which was not successful due to in-house printing.

Walmart doubled down on RFID inventory and revised its mandate. The new rules provide clear guidance for suppliers on how to get their products RFID tagged.

  • Get in touch with an RFID tag supplier.
  • Send over the UPC list to your manufacturer.
  • Test the tags through ARC (Auburn Testing).
  • Once it passes the tests, produce and deploy RFID-tagged products.

Certainly, there are also minor details like packaging regulations to consider, but those steps above are crucial in achieving source tagging for your products.

Accurate Inventory Kickstart Program (AI Kickstart by SimplyRFiD)

SimplyRFiD developed a way for non-Walmart manufacturers/suppliers to implement their own source tagging. Our AI Kickstart program is a service that involves getting your products source tagged, implementing a retail rollout protocol, staff training, and lastly, integrating your data across your chosen eCommerce/ERP/CRM platform.

Our specialists will lead the implementation of this full-service solution, serving as your subject matter expert and point of contact throughout the project. Our team will hold regular meetings with your manufacturers, tag suppliers, and team leads to ensure project satisfaction.

Start implementing RFID Inventory Management

A couple of years from now, every facet of the retail industry will be RFID-tagged. It took Walmart a little over 5 years to get their suppliers follow the proper way of handling RFID-tagged goods.

Feel free to reach out to our sales team for more information on how to transform your inventory.

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