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How do I import my RFID inventory into QuickBooks?


1. Let us know you want to use Quickbooks

Tell the SimplyRFiD ( team you want to use QuickBooks integration. They will add a field to your Pogi that contains "Product Name." Set your "Product Name" field in Pogi so your data can exchange.

IMPORTANT: The Product Name must match exactly the Prodcut Name in QuickBooks. If it doesn't match, QuickBooks will create a new product with whatever name is in this field. The 'SKU' field is ignored / not used by QuickBooks for matching imports.

One more note: In QuickBooks, it just says Name*.

2. Pogi Export

In SimplyRFiD Pogi: Select Reports->QuickBooks in Pogi and export your inventory.

3. QuickBooks Import

In QuickBooks: Select Settings->Import->Products and Services and select the Pogi Inventory CSV.

4. Done

Your Inventory levels are now updated! Total time: About 1 minute!


  • The Quantity As-Of Date must be newer than the last import or you will get a 'not imported' message.

  • QB will not update your other data unless you 'change' it on the import. Pogi sets the correct data and only your quantity will adjust. Any other information you set will be unaffected.

  • Be sure to check the Overwrite Values checkbox! QuickBooks will give an error if the product name exists already.

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