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Ordering Handhelds outside of the US: United Kingdom


Yay! You have now decided to upgrade your inventory management system using RFID technology from SimplyRFID. The article below will guide you on purchasing your first RFID system from us.


Detailed below are the general things you need to know when ordering from the US to the UK.

Shipping and Handling

For now, we have two options, you come to us requesting for a quote or you can provide your courier account that we can use to ship the package to the UK. If you choose the former, you can check the shipping charges here as well.

Usually, shipping is within a week from the time the courier picks it up from our office until it reaches UK.

Duties and Taxes

All custom fees and taxes are paid by yourselves as soon as the package lands your customs hub. If you choose FedEx, we'll need you to provide a shipping account for us. If you want to use UPS, they will charge you with the duties and taxes as soon as it clears customs.


At the moment, our checkout portal is only for orders within the US. You can place your order there but we'll get back to you to update the shipping costs.

You can always contact our sales team for a quote and we'll get back to you within the business day.

Count Inventory Faster

RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your assets and inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to track thousands of assets easily.

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