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I am a DoD Supplier - am I required to use RFID?

Category: DoD RFID
PTX - Pre-programmed TX tag (PTX) for supply chain RFID

Almost everything that is shipped to the DoD requires RFID. The RFID mandate is FARS 252.211-7006 and is included in the master solicitation of all contracts created after 2005. You are not required to use RFID on bulk commodities that are carried in tanker trucks, rail tank cars, or pipelines. These items cannot be tagged.

Anything that can be tagged must be tagged.

The following goods do not require RFID when shipped in bulk:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Bulk liquids (water, chemicals, or petroleum products)
  • Ready-mix concrete or similar construction materials
  • Coal or combustibles such as firewood
  • Agricultural products, such as seeds, grains, and animal feeds

Note: Any of these materials will require RFID if shipped in drums or cans. Anything that can be tagged must be tagged.

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