Pro-Tags™ DoD UID

Quick Facts:

1. DoD UID / UII / IUID compliance
2. Grade A certified UID marking
3. Ships same day if confirmed by 2pm, EST
4. Mil-Std-130N Compliant
5. UID made from synthetic, durable label with 5100 resin ribbon (PDF)
6. Includes Certificate of Conformance
7. Includes WAWF instructions

Include for each part:

1. Enterprise ID - Usually your CAGE code (MFR)
2. Part Number (PNO)
3. Serial Number List (SEQ) or range such as, "0001 through 0100"
4. Label Size - 3"x1" (most popular), 2"x1", or 0.5"x1.5"


1. $50 - first EID/Part Number
2. $25 - each additional EID/Part Number
3. 1-499 UID Tags: $2.00 each
4. 500-999 UID Tags: $1.50 each
5. 1,000 UID Tags: $1.00 each

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Enterprise ID for tags:

Enterprise ID - Usually your CAGE code (MFR).

CAGE Code:

Label Size:

Larger labels allow more information. Smaller labels lose the 1-D Barcode but take up less space. All labels are compliant with the MIL-SPEC. Select size: (PDF)


Most QARs accept UID verification sampling. If you prefer, we can validate every UID (also known as 100% verification) for an additional charge per verification report.

Part and Serial Numbers:

Please enter each part number (PNO) and the serial numbers (SEQ) for that part. For larger order, please email a spreadsheet to containing a list of part numbers and serial numbers and we will send a quote.

Label Part # Serial # (SEQ)