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Warmkraft Increases Order Accuracy, Efficiency with Item-Level RFID

Warmkraft Conveyor by SimplyRFID
Defense contractor reduces 50% of quality control labor costs and increase accuracy and speed.
Taylorsville, Mississippi, USA
Customer:Warmkraft, Inc

Warmkraft, based in Taylorsville, Mississippi, manufactures specialty finish garments for the U.S. military. The company serves as a general contractor and subcontractor for Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. Challenge Each year, Warmkraft ships millions of uniforms to its government customers. Per DoD requirements, all apparel suppliers must tag garments at the item level, with all tags maintaining 100 percent readability at over 10 feet. Additionally, for its own quality standards, the company needs to track every item that leaves its warehouse accurately and ensure that the right number and type of garments reach the right customers. “We have a number of subcontractors where we run units that are identical in every way except for the contract and prime contract holder,” said Ron Lack, general manager at Warmkraft. “That created many problems with us trying to separate each customer’s units and account for those throughout the production process. We didn’t have a good procedure to do that.”

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Warmkraft Increases Order Accuracy, Efficiency with Item-Level RFID (Zebra)

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