VITaL Inventory

Locate and Track

Locate Items by type or by specific item

Blueprint layout for quick reference

Automatic checkout to badged person

Track movement of tagged assets

Alert when an item leaves an area

Workflow Velocity Dashboard

Track Incoming work requests

Watch as orders are built and measure time by worker and item type

Count all parts by serialized lot

Alert on delayed or slow-moving orders

Monitor quickly and easily by part, person & assembly time

Watch velocity & locate troubled orders

Real-Time Loading of a BOM or Work Request

Real-Time Receiving Goods & Push of Operator Items


Cold Chain & Ambient Storage

Refrigerator or Ambient Cabinet

Badge Access to Secure Storage

UI with Key Data Points

Real-Time Inventory

Temperature Monitor & Alerts

Secure Lock / Access Control

Access Control & Logging

Temperature Control & Monitor

Alarms/Alerts for Temperature Variations

Integrated w/ Surgio & Various ERPs

Integrated w/ Cubixx

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