Looking for DoD RFID Tags?

If you are looking for the XTraveler PTX tag made for DoD RFID shipping (DFARS 252.211-7006), please visit our DoD page. This is the same tag material, but our PTX is serialized to the DoD standard, your CAGE code and printed in Case and Pallet formats.

This TX tag will not be compliant for DoD shipments. Please order our PTX. Thanks!

About the TX

We crafted the TX RFID tag for compliance with the DoD supply chain mandate, or any application needing a high-performance, low-cost tag that is durable.

TX RFID tags are a 4"x2" RFID label and a 4"x0.5" traveler label for a record-keeping duplicate. The TX label is a synthetic label stock that makes this label durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant. TX labels perform best on cardboard or plastic items.

We have placed this tag on a car headlight and it's lasted through snow, ice, and rain for more than three years. That's pretty common for this tag and it can tag a lot of abuse.

It's low-cost and long-range. If it will work for you application, it's the go-to tag.

Note: The larger size (4"x2") and the high performance synthetic label make it a bit more expensive than a normal tag. See some of our paper-based tags for the lowest cost.

Best For:

  • Plastic
  • Cardboard


101.0mm x 50.8mm x 0.1mm

Range in Meters (4W EIRP*):

On-Metal - 0 meters (0 feet)
Off-Metal - 8 meters (26 feet)


Price includes programming, serialization, rolls, anti-static bags, silica, and packaging. Most orders shipped same business day. Blank roll price significantly lower.