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METRC Process flow

The state requirement to utilize the METRC system involves the deployment of RFID tags throughout the lifecycle of each plant's growth as part of the "Seed to Sale" program. The METRC system is used to audit and validate product cultivation and is designed for oversight, taxation and compliance at the state level.

At Outlaw Technology, we are dedicated to meeting the industry's needs, by leveraging the METRC system to unlock value at the licensee level. We automate data capture, inventory management, and METRC updates enabling process efficiency and accuracy in real-time.

Outlaw Solutions

Desperado Handheld System

Outlaw has worked to create the only certified RF Handheld to run METRC mobile. The system enables the inventory capture of METRC RF Tags for updates and management directly into the METRC System. Beyond the METRC Mobile solution, we have designed our Outlaw Mobile software application to operate on the Desperado handheld providing added functionality around “seek-and-find” for missing tags, to data capture and integration into licensee based systems.

  • Rapid Inventory - go from hours manually to mere minutes
  • Mobile solution directly integrate to METRC
  • Seek and find missing plant(s), package(s) or tag ID(s)
  • Platform allows for both RF and Barcode scan

* Pre-order Now - Delivery 6-8 weeks
OG Scale System

Outlaw has developed a "plug and play" solution that directly connects your scale to the OG application. The OG Box contains a touchscreen display and RF read point, which allows the plant or package tag to be read via RFID in order to capture the harvester, the time, the date and finally the weight, all of which is then integrated into METRC either as a batch upload or a direct data input.

This system eliminates several key challenges:

  • Manual data capture via pen and paper is no longer needed
  • System automates input into METRC eliminating manual entry
  • Weight accuracy on METRC System is 100%, eliminating errors in data entry*
  • Increases plant processing and throughput by cutting out the wasted time in manual collection and input of data
  • OG is currently integrated into OHAUS Scale model(s)- additional scales can be added if they can be network connected
*assumes scale is accurate and calibrated providing exact weight for system upload

* OHAUS Certified, additional scale certification upon request- 2-4 week delivery
RF-Strongbox Inventory System
with Chain of Custody Module

The RF-Strongbox Inventory System enables real-time visibility of METRC plant and package tags and always maintains 24/7 inventory of all tagged items. RF-Strongbox creates an “electronic safe” by enabling the ability to capture uniquely each package tag, with the ability to set up an alert when the Strongbox is opened and a detailed report of tagged items added or removed uniquely by date and time.

  • Creates a chain of custody - who, what, where and when
  • RF-Strongbox is configured to allow access only to those registered in the system via RF badge tag or access code control
  • Eliminates manual counts, saving time and money by updating the inventory count each and every minute...24/7
  • View all RF-Strongbox system(s) anywhere and at anytime via our secure cloud link system

* Outlaw Rep. to contact on delivery date and shipping options
RF-Strongbox Inventory System

The RF-Strongbox Inventory System enables real-time visibility to METRC package tags in order to always maintain instant inventory 24/7 of all tagged items. The system will capture and report tagged items as they are placed inside and also when they are removed.

  • The secured cabinet can be configured with a wide range of lock options to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Overall System eliminates manual count saving time and money by updating the inventory count each and every minute 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • 100% Accuracy is maintained on all tagged items
  • Configurable to meet any need, from locked cabinets to custom designed solutions- we enable visibility where it is needed

* Outlaw Rep. to contact on delivery date and shipping options
Validation Station

The RFID Validation Station allows for the capture of all package tags placed onto the table. This tool is linked via the Outlaw middleware to METRC or your POS or inventory management system in order to validate that the right package tagged bags are shipped & received into METRC. On the receiving end, the METRC Transfer Manifest document can be electronically captured, in order to display on the monitor all package tags expected. As the items are checked in the system, within seconds, will inventory all tags to determine any missing items.

  • Automate METRC Transfer Manifest
  • Station automates your inbound and outbound shipments
  • Eliminating the manual read and write process used today
  • Standard Validation Station system is 4’ by 2’

* Outlaw Rep. to contact on delivery date and shipping options

Customized Systems for Faster ROI

We can work with you to customize the system, deployment schedule, to maximize your value. In most cases our Return on Investment (ROI) target is under 90 days.

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Outlaw Technology is a certified METRC partner with API and direct integration capabilities to the Outlaw family of solutions and industry specific software. The key to our sucess is our expertise over the years in deploying RF based solutions.

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