Medical Tracking

Automate your Critical Inventory Management

With medical supplies currently accounting for 30 to 40% of most hospitals' costs, automating your supply chain is a must. SimplyRFID's Vital Inventory Tracking and Logistics (VITaL) inventory management system will maximize your revenue, eliminate manual input, and provide real-time inventory visibility.

SimplyRFiD Vital Inventory Tracking and Logistics (VITaL) will:

• Dramatically simplify the re-ordering process

• Prevent items from expiring hidden on the wrong shelf

• Add minimal per-unit cost (< $1/item)

• Increase billing accuracy

• Uncover misuse and waste / where training can save time and money

• Make it possible to locate missing stents, catheters, pharmaceuticals and supplies

Smart Cabinet

With VITaL, cabinets go from dumb to smart and securely report a real -time inventory of contents. We can supply cabinets or retrofit your existing cabinets with Maglocks to secure doors, RFID readers to maintain inventory, add lightstrips to the dark areas, and door sensors to ensure cabinet is secure.

Automated Checkout

When items are removed, item data will be pushed to your ERP (Lawson or other), either in a real-time push or a batch process when required. Integration with your EHR system will operate in real-time to pull patient data and assign consumption of items to a patient. Integration with your staff's access control badges will link all the data together for 100% control of your inventory.

Integrated to Epic and Lawson

Not running Epic yet? No problem, we’ll work with your EHR or ERP to automate re-ordering, billing, and get control of your costs.