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SimplyRFID designs and engineers hardware and software systems with a focus on those that require a manufacturing component. We combine the best software and hardware engineers and manufacture in China with our proven manufacturers to deliver low cost and quality solutions to our clients.

Identification Drone

The ID-001 drone supports RAIN RFID and BLE inventory functions.
Linked to the DJI Drone Platform, the system is capable of outdoor GPS guided missions covering 16 Sq KM in just a few hours.

• Supports RAIN RFID and BLE ID data collection.
• Data stored on board or real-time transmission to base.


The Automated RF Monitoring and Surveillance (ARMS) Kit tracks asset movement. Its primary purpose is to make sure you know the location of each of your assets at any given time. Everything is 100% searchable so you can look for any item at any time to see when it was moved, where it went, and most importantly, who moved it.

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