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New RFID Tags Smaller than an M&M?

Tracking small items has never been easy. We at SimplyRFiD are always looking out for our customers and making their asset management an easy task. We develop the right solutions and find the best tags in the market to track those items that seem impossible to tag and track. The Xerafy-Dot-On XS Rugged Metal Tags are almost half the size of an M&M and read ranges are amazing, given their size. 

Our engineers performed a series of range tests with different RFID readers and the Dot-On XS has a read range of about: 

  • 5 feet on-metal
  • 3 feet near-metal
  • 1 inch off-metal

These Tags will help immensely in tagging smaller items. Better yet, the Dot-On XS can withstand harsh environments and are great for tool tracking applications. 

Give us a call at 703-343-1689 or email to support@simplyrfid.com for any questions. 


Tool Room Checkout with RFID

One of the greatest things about RFID: Speed.

Yesterday, we talked about tracking 2,000 servers in a couple of minutes. It used to take 50 hours to track that many servers. But, really, you only count them once every few months. 

Tools, howerver... Much trickier. And, more frequently used! This is where RFID makes everyones life easier and smarter. Those illegible signout sheets written in hieroglyphics are replaced with simple, automated signout reports . RFID instantly checks tools and equipment out to the right staff and lets you know who has what.

Here are a few tagged RFID tools and electronics from a recent site visit. You'll see the Nox-2, Nox-TM4 and Nox-TM7 all working together to make one RFID system.



Fast tool room checkout with RFID


Using our Nox system, you can walk out of your tool room and automatically track and checkout the items.

The RFID portal (the Jamison Gnome) protects your RFID antennas and provides an industrial, finished look. Along with our Nox Terminal which displays the tools you are carrying and allows you to instanyl checkout the items your ID badge.