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Fast tool room checkout with RFID


Using our Nox system, you can walk out of your tool room and automatically track and checkout the items.

The RFID portal (the Jamison Gnome) protects your RFID antennas and provides an industrial, finished look. Along with our Nox Terminal which displays the tools you are carrying and allows you to instanyl checkout the items your ID badge.


Inside SimplyRFiD's NoxCore: Check-in/Check-out System

Here is a look at something we like to call "CICO" (check-in/check-out).  This picture is a combined screenshot of both, NoxCore accessed from ones computer and the Nox Kiosk. 

(click the photo for a larger view)

On the left is the screenshot of NoxCore, displaying the video feed and the most recent tags in view.  If you look hard enough at the picture, you can see the person in the doorway has a user badge around his neck and that he is holding a bag in his hand.  Inside that bag is a Dell Laptop, tagged with an RFID tag.  As you can see in the right screenshot, user "ERIC PARIS" is present and so is the "Dell Laptop" inside the bag.  As you can also see, there is a 24 digit RFID value that is also present on the tag, but because we already associated this item as "Dell Laptop", the computer system automatically recognizes this, making it very easy to check-in/check-out an item.

Check into tomorrows blog to see what happens if this item were to leave the room without permission, setting off an alarm!