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Item-Level RFID - Who is Using it Now?

RFID Helps Blind Workers Do Their Jobs

Original article by RFID Journal / Mary Catherine O’Connor

The National Industries for the Blind (NIB) is an organization that links blind workers with jobs. So when it came time for these firms to respond to a request by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) that EPC Gen 2 RFID tags be attached to items being shipped to Lackland, they needed an RFID system that their blind and visually impaired workers could operate.

SimplyRFID won the bid to provide an all-inclusive RFID system to firms associated with NIB that would enable workers to interact with the tags, readers and software necessary to comply with the DLA's request. In order to provide an RFID system that vision-disabled staff members could use, SimplyRFID had to make major changes to its Nox platform—a software program would run on a server at each facility in which the RFID solution was to be deployed. Each reader would be controlled by a separate PC that receives its directives from the Nox server. The solution would also include RFID printer-encoders and tags

For vision-disabled personnel, SimplyRFID overhauled the interface that runs on each PC, because this existing interface to its Nox software provided many drop-down menus and options that those workers would be unable to see. "In the old system, a lot of data was displayed on the PC monitor at each reader station," says Carl Brown, SimplyRFID's president. "There was the total tags in view, the total items packed. You might also see a number of error messages on the screen. There is a lot of information that is hard to process. Sighted workers have 10 to 12 options on what they can do at any moment when interacting with the software. The blind version has only yes/no options, which are provided through over 110 audio commands."

So with the Nox system that SimplyRFID designed for the vision-disabled workers, users interact with the system based on audio alerts and commands, as well as a simple touch-screen interface. Gone are the myriad options and drop-down menus offered by the older software. But what SimplyRFID didn't anticipate is that by removing the software's complexity, it also made interfacing the software much simpler for all users—even those not optically challenged.
Read the full case study here.


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SimplyRFiD Praise from the IACP Show

This week a www.rfid24-7.com article spotlights SimplyRFiD's weapons tracking technology at the IACP show in Philadelphia.

“This was the first time that the IACP used this technology for inventory in the armory and it worked wonderfully,” says Captain Mark Fisher of the Philadelphia Police Department, who was in charge of the armory during the conference.

 “Once we got the RFID tags onto the guns and registered them in the computer, the check-in process each night was flawless. It was one of the most cost efficient and time saving solutions that IACP has implemented. The vendors loved it because they didn’t have to wait in line each night.”

To read the full article please go here.



More than Just Video Surveillance

Video is cool, but Nox makes it even cooler.

There are million of people out there who have video surveillance in their warehouses, offices, garages, parking lots, and stores. So, what happens when something goes missing and you have to review your footage? Unfortunately, this can mean going back through hours, days, or even weeks of recorded video to find out when one event occured.

Nox eliminates this enitre process. We do the searching for you.

If I go to my RFID badge profile I can view my history.

Then, I simply click on the video link on the most recent record on top of the list. Then I'll see the video of me leaving Marketing.

This process takes seconds as opposed to the weeks it would've taken you to search through the footage otherwise.


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Where is Everyone and Everything?

It's important to easily locate the things we need, when we need them! Whether it's a person, a stock item, or file folder we need to find it to get the job done!

That's where NOX comes in. NOX allows you to know where your employees are located and where your assets are at any given time!

Just stick an RFID tag on them (or hand them a badge) and you can begin tracking. All you have to do is search by name or ID and NOX show you the most recent location.

If you look at the image below, I've simply typed in "Alison's Laptop" into the NOX search bar and the first history record will show me where my laptop is located.

Any questions? No problem! We are happy to answer them! 

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Benefits of an RFID Enabled Asset Surveillance Solution

SimplyRFiD's President, Carl Brown, shares insights into the benefits of an RFID enabled solution for asset tracking, supply chain management, and surveillance. 

Read full article here

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